NEW (Feb 2024): The Diary of an UltramapGlobal Report Writer.

Throughout 2024, Eddy Connelly, UltramapGlobal Report Writer, will let us know how things are in his world.

NEW (Feb 2024): The Diary of an UltramapGlobal Report Writer.

Throughout 2024, Eddy Connelly, UltramapGlobal Report Writer, will let us know how things are in his world.

Welcome to UltramapGlobal

The Home of AssetMonitor® - The World's Most Used Specialist Subsea Cable Monitoring Software.

UltramapGlobal, creator of The World’s Most Used Specialist Subsea Cable Monitoring Software, AssetMonitor®, is dedicated to the protection of the world’s most important subsea cables.

Our Obsession

UltramapGlobal focusses obsessively on reducing the world’s cable strikes – to zero. And this has indeed been achieved on the majority of UltramapGlobal assignments since 2009.

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Always On

UltramapGlobal is a truly global and ‘Always On’ organisation. Right now we are actively monitoring cables worth billions of pounds in every ocean of the world.

Seven continents. Five customer sectors. Every hour of every day. We’re always on.

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Since our launch in 2009 UltramapGlobal has expanded to work across five key sectors.


Supporting Uninterrupted Global Connectivity.


Maximise the Uptime of the World's Power Supply.


Protecting Nature's Most Sustainable Energy Sources.

Cable Installers

Shielding the World's Cable Installers at their Most Vulnerable Milestones and Locations.

Oil & Gas

Protecting the Planet's Limited Natural Energy Sources.

UltramapGlobal Library

UltramapGlobal’s online library is getting better all the time.

Most UltramapGlobal clients access a balanced range of coherent offerings.

Specialist Marine Software Development.

The World’s Most Used Specialist Cable Monitoring Software.

In-house Global Monitoring Teams at Strategic Locations Around the World.

A Unique Resource Containing Some of the Most Comprehensive Marine Vessel Behaviour and Analysis Data in the World.

The NEW Emergency Service for Specialist Subsea Cable Protection.

Select Partnerships with World Class Providers of Monitoring Hardware, Guard Vessels, Marine Liaison and more.

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UltraMAP Deep Dive Document Telecoms
UltraMAP Deep Dive Document Power
UltraMAP Deep Dive Document Renewables
UltraMAP Deep Dive Document Oil & Gas
UltraMAP Deep Dive Document Cable Installers

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"UltramapGlobal is not simply a port monitoring system that pivoted to monitor cables. We were born purposeful. UltramapGlobal, with our category-leading software AssetMonitor and our wider range of world-class services exist to protect the world's most important subsea cables. That's our obsession."
UltraMAP Martin Connelly
Martin Connelly
Co-Founder & Commercial Director

Key UltramapGlobal Statistics

Data updates monthly. Monetary value is conservative estimate. 

Cumulative 'always on' hours
Metres of cables monitored
Daily vessel movements tracked
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Value of protected assets


Global Networking, Offering Support, Learning & Credibility.


Global Networking, Offering Support, Learning & Credibility.


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