Our People

Management, Software Development, Software Support and Monitoring.

UltramapGlobal HQ

UltramapGlobal HQ houses our management and software development teams in Newcastle in the North East of England UK.

UltraMAP Martin Connelly

Martin Connelly

Co-Founder & Commercial Director

“Mastering today’s technology, as well as exploring what can be achieved in the future is what keeps me focused and driven. Since 2009 UltramapGlobal and AssetMonitor has successfully protected clients from the probable. Threats to subsea cables. These days we are just as focussed on the possible. Pushing technology and teams to the limit. Our AssetMonitor software remains the global industry standard setter. It is world class.

I travel the world. Finding, forging and building relationships. I know that UltramapGlobal is here for the long-term, so I’m patient. I want to reduce the number of strikes to the subsea cables we are commissioned to protect – to zero. That’s my and our obsession. That’s what we aim for.”

Andrew Desforges

Co-Founder & Director of Operations

“I’ve worked with geo information systems, application development and data capture since 1998. Demands on ocean based asset protection intensify year-on-year. Because the far-reaching negative implications of cable strikes intensify year-on-year also. This drives us. And it drives me. The protection offered by UltramapGlobal and our AssetMonitor software’s offering intensifies year-on-year too.

We’ve developed five global services. Most UltramapGlobal clients access a range. The more they access – the more protection they have. Safeguarding intensifies. Which is important because UltramapGlobal is in the business of assurance – not insurance. We’re here to stop the problem, not mend the problem.”

UltraMAP Shona Connelly

Shona Connelly

Commercial Officer

“My work is both reactive and proactive. Most days I am reacting. Providing support to the UltramapGlobal teams around the world. The teams very often need information to assure the uninterrupted continuation of support that we pride ourselves on, and our clients rely so heavily on. I source and supply what’s needed. Whatever it is. And it has to be fast.

More proactively, I am storytelling. UltramapGlobal’s history goes back to 2009. But the issues we face go back centuries. I write for UltramapGlobal’s Journal and our LinkedIn presence, unearthing stories and ideas that help us and our clients to understand and appreciate our world a little better. Some things change. That’s progress. Some things stay the same. That’s principles. UltramapGlobal need to appreciate both to be truly world class.”

UltraMAP Stuart Finden

Stuart Finden

Development Manager

“I head up UltramapGlobal’s software development team. I’ve worked with Martin and Des for over 20 years and I was one of the original creators of AssetMonitor, UltramapGlobal’s web-based monitoring software. I’d specialised in creating Web-based geographic systems for quite some time when the opportunity arrived in 2009 to create our unique tool for using AIS to monitor vessel movements and protect subsea cables.

Since then I’ve enjoyed every minute of adding to AssetMonitor and rising to the challenge of keeping it running as its reputation and success grows. It now handles over 100 million live AIS messages from around the world every day. Working with UltramapGlobal also allows me time to relax with music… my other obsession.”

Carolyn Watson

Carolyn Watson


“My main job at UltramapGlobal is keeping track of all the calls and correspondence the team receives from around the world and I’m also one of the first UltramapGlobal people that visitors meet when they arrive at UltramapGlobal HQ. Outgoing contractual documents can be particularly interesting. I’ve done a variety of jobs in my career, but I’m certainly doing quite a varied range of things here for UltramapGlobal.”

Amé Mcfall


“I work with Carolyn to support UltramapGlobal. And act as their frontline for calls and visitors. One of my main tasks is to keep up with Martin and Des’ cake intake.”

24/7/365 Monitoring Team - UK, Philippines and Oman

We have three strategically based monitoring teams. One in the UK, one in the Philippines and one in Oman.

They work in teams covering each 8 hour segment of every day throughout the year.

The monitoring team never sleeps.

24/7/365 Software Support Team

Our software support team makes sure that AssetMonitor is always on, monitoring vessels around the world.

Our software support team never sleeps.