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Management, Software Development, Software Support and Monitoring.

UltramapGlobal HQ

UltramapGlobal HQ houses our management and software development teams in Newcastle in the North East of England UK.

UltraMAP Martin Connelly

Martin Connelly

Co-Founder & Commercial Director

“UltramapGlobal focuses on reducing subsea cable strikes – to zero. And as we achieve this within so many of our territories, it’s a goal I’m comfortable setting.

On a personal level, I’m lucky enough to travel the world with UltramapGlobal. Finding, forging and building relationships. Our AssetMonitor® software is now the world’s most used specialist subsea cable monitoring software. This cultivates confidence. Most conversations start with AssetMonitor® – and we build protection from there.”

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Andrew Desforges

Co-Founder & Director of Operations

“I’ve led geo-information systems, application development and data capture projects since 1998. And I’ve seen demands on ocean based cable protection intensify exponentially as the cable population, and associated threats, also increase.

Staying ahead is important. Because UltramapGlobal is in the business of assurance – not insurance. We’re here to stop the problem, not mend the fallout.”

UltraMAP Stuart Finden

Stuart Finden

Development Manager

“As one of the original creators of AssetMonitor®, I’ve led UltramapGlobal’s software team for over two decades.

AssetMonitor® rises endlessly to the challenges and demands relating to strike reduction as the brand’s reputation and success grow. In fact, AssetMonitor® handles well over 100 million live AIS messages from around the world each and every day.”

UltramapGlobal Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor

Head of Business Development

“I’ve supported engineering brands all around the world, to strengthen and grow, over decades.

Nowadays, with UltramapGlobal and AssetMonitor®, it’s a real pleasure to be communicating our world class solutions, again, globally.

UltramapGlobal want to reduce the world’s cable strikes – to zero. And even though we’re already protecting billions of pounds worth of cables – right now – in almost every ocean of the world, we want to help even more people.

So here I am. To start the conversation, please email jeff.taylor@ultramapglobal.com.”

Sam Teasdale

Sam Teasdale

Assistant Director of Operations

“Originating from a financial compliance background I am lucky enough to join UltramapGlobal as we continue to grow our coverage, customers and our outstanding Global Operations Monitoring Team. I help to support Andrew in delivering the best possible operations service at UltramapGlobal and the world’s most used specialist subsea cable monitoring software AssetMonitor®.”

Mychael Owen

Mychael Owen

Brand & Marketing Lead

“UltramapGlobal is a precise range of narrowly focussed brands that – together – support many of the world’s most important and mission-critical subsea cables. We’re impacting positively in every ocean of the world.

UltramapGlobal is a complete and flexible solution. Radiating from the core AssetMonitor® provision, we adapt uniquely to the client, the territory and the threat.”

Carolyn Watson

Carolyn Watson


“I keep track of calls and correspondence from around the world.

And as the UltramapGlobal offer broadens – the 2022 launch of UltramapGlobal RED and UltramapGlobal DATA for example – I quickly signpost individuals and organisations to the right place.

The world moves ever faster. And so do we.”

Liezl Joyce Falcon

Operations Manager

“I was the first member of the UltramapGlobal monitoring team to be recruited in the Philippines in 2016.

As we’ve grown, so too has my responsibility. I now manage all shift teams and report directly to Des, Director of Operations.

It’s really interesting, too – as we interface with so many diverse people inside and outside of the business.”

Septi Nurlaeli

Septi Nurlaeli

Monitoring Manager

“I’m based in the UK and I manage the UK daytime shift team members.

I’ve been with UltramapGlobal’s monitoring team since 2017 and love the balance of leading a bonded and caring team, yet never forgetting how many people and organisations – both directly and indirectly – are relying on us.”

Regine Ann Mangat

Regine Ann Mangat

Monitoring Manager

“I’m responsible for managing a team of UltramapGlobal’s monitoring analysts as part of our ‘always on’ monitoring service.

Alongside Mishel I am one of the more experienced members of the team. My main role is to make sure the team responds to alarms as quickly as possible and that we maintain great quality communication with vessels out at sea.”

Mary Rose Escobal

Monitoring Manager

“Like Regine, I am one of UltramapGlobal’s most experienced team members. I am responsible for managing one of UltramapGlobal’s monitoring teams.

I really enjoy monitoring and passing on my experience in protecting subsea cables to my team. Instilling and growing the collective and individual responsibility that we all feel is really important to me.”

Axyl Gorgonio

Monitoring Manager

“I’ve been a Monitoring Team Analyst for quite a while. And in 2021 I was promoted to manage my own monitoring team for the first time.

I find contributing towards the protection of the world’s subsea cables demanding, but also rewarding. Cable strikes can be devastating for connectivity of course – but the knock on effect of isolated individuals, groups of individuals and territories is what I think about. We’re not just protecting cables – we’re protecting people, too.”

Eric Monsales

Eric Monsales

Monitoring Manager

“In 2021 I took on the responsibility of managing one of UltramapGlobal’s monitoring teams alongside Axyl.

Part of my role is to make sure my team is fully up to speed with new events and new information that we are constantly receiving. We have many ways of doing this, some automated through AssetMonitor®, but I enjoy the interaction and sharing with the team during our weekly team meetings.

Human interface – it’s important.”

24/7/365 Monitoring Team - UK, Philippines and Oman

We have three strategically based monitoring teams. One in the UK, one in the Philippines and one in Oman.

They work in teams covering each 8 hour segment of every day throughout the year.

The monitoring team never sleeps.

24/7/365 Software Support Team

Our software support team makes sure that AssetMonitor is always on, monitoring vessels around the world.

Our software support team never sleeps.


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