Security in an Insecure World.


Telecoms, Power, Renewables, Cable Installers and Oil & Gas.

These five sectors play a considerable and oft-underestimated role in our global infrastructure. They support the everyday lives of billions of people and millions of businesses and organisations.

These sectors are underestimated because when things work, they’re invisible. It’s when they don’t work that we notice them.


UltramapGlobal is dedicated to the protection of the world’s most important subsea cables.

Cables that, should they become damaged or compromised, can negatively impact either the world’s most significant security, communications, medical, educational and entertainment infrastructures.

Our Obsession

UltramapGlobal takes a restlessly determined approach to safeguarding. Satisfied only when strike rates on subsea cables reduce to zero. That’s our obsession.

Our Offer

And to allow you to access a really personal solution, UltramapGlobal has developed a coherent range of offers that can be blended just for you.

These are AssetMonitor® (the World’s Most Used Subsea Cable Monitoring Software), UltramapGlobal Monitoring Services, UltramapGlobal Data Services and the UltramapGlobal Partner Services.


The reduction of debilitating strikes on subsea cables – to zero – has been achieved on almost every UltramapGlobal assignment since launch in 2009.

Always On

UltramapGlobal is a truly global and ‘Always On’ organisation. Right now, we are actively monitoring subsea cables worth billions of pounds in every ocean of the world. Seven continents. Five customer sectors. Every hour of every day. Please call +44(0)191 233 6531 or email info@ultramapglobal.com. It would be great to explore how we can help you too.


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