All-Electric Subsea Oil & Gas Production?

As the business side of things in the offshore sector continues to boom in a bid to meet the growing energy demand, the oil and gas industry is venturing into more complex, deepwater oil and gas fields.

Castrol provides its take on whether hydraulic systems bridge shift to all-electric subsea oil & gas production.

Castrol believes that proven hydraulic systems, which have a clear application in an industry looking to rationalize operations and reduce costs, will enable the oil and gas industry to cross over to all-electric subsea production. Currently, many are advocating a solely all-electric future, as this technology has a growing and good track record in key application areas, such as for manifolds and tree function.

According to the UK firm, hydraulic subsea control fluids have an important role in underpinning reliability throughout field life, especially on legacy installed assets that will use hydraulic technology throughout the lifecycle. Over the next five years, the majority of subsea wells are expected to be hydraulically controlled, as these systems are perceived to be reliable, which is one of the priorities when the global economy remains volatile.

Full story at Offshore Energy.

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