As We Enter 2023 – Is UltramapGlobal ‘Having a Moment’?

A Message from UltramapGlobal Co-Founder – Martin.

Ours is an uncertain world right now.

For most, costs rise as income falls. Energy is bargained with in order to gain the upper hand when, really, energy should be being distributed by increasingly kind and helpful hands. Food is harder to move, when we should be working to distribute it ever more smoothly. And leaders bicker instead of collaborating for the greater good.

But that’s not the full story, of course. The more hopeful and optimistic amongst us are banking on common sense leading to strengthening economies, and a calmer and more collaborative world as we move through 2023.

And you know what, in and around the world of UltramapGlobal, good things are happening.


Positivity is evident in the world of UltramapGlobal right now. Cable owners and installers are more proactive and productive than ever. Subsea infrastructure continues to advance and new projects are planned for and executed all the time.

Progress continues to accelerate because demand for, for example, telecommunications capacity and sources of renewable power remain really high, with capacity for both, often booked in advance.

‘A Moment’.

And it is the meeting of these two worlds – the uncertain and the certain – that just might lead to UltramapGlobal having a Moment.

As proactive businesses continue to invest in developing subsea infrastructure, they seek to minimise the shadow of uncertainty at the same time. They do this by appointing UltramapGlobal – our AssetMonitor® software and our global monitoring teams – to keep an eye on things. We protect cables as they are installed, and after they are installed, for as long as our customers want us to.

UltramapGlobal tracks around 100 million vessel movements every single day. And we do our best to help these vessels avoid our customer’s subsea cables. We are – and those that know UltramapGlobal are already aware of this – focussed on reducing the world’s cable strikes to zero.

15 Years.

We will have been focused on the protection of subsea cables for 15 years in 2023. That means we are more informed about the historical movement of vessels, and the current movement of vessels than anyone else.

And because more information means better protection, it’s great to be able to safeguard the aforementioned growth and give peace of mind to the ambitious and the future-facing. We help our customers feel protected and confident, doing our very best to offset – in our own little way – against any and all of the wider uncertainties.

Happy 2023.

We hope you had a great 2022. And we wish you all the best for 2023 also.

If you’d like to chat about UltramapGlobal’s ever-deepening understanding of vessel movement around the world, plus our track record of protecting the world’s most important subsea cables and associated assets live – right now – please get in touch with Jeff, our Head of Business Development – anytime.

Merry Christmas 2022.


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