AssetMonitor®: Getting Ahead. And Staying Ahead.

It was nice to pause, towards the end of 2021, and to think about just how far we’ve come.

AssetMonitor®, now the world’s most used Specialist Subsea Cable Monitoring Software is such a delight to work with. And it’s felt like that ever since we created it to address a single set of problems, for a single location, back in 2009.

But the neatest thing of all with AssetMonitor® is not the fact that it leads the Subsea Cable Monitoring Category, it’s how AssetMonitor®’s lead is accelerating.

Getting Ahead. And Staying Ahead.

Here’s how the acceleration works.

First, no other specialist subsea cable monitoring software has ever gathered – and continues to gather – a higher volume of marine data, more quickly, and over a longer period than AssetMonitor®.

Second, because more people use AssetMonitor® than any other software, not only do we have more data than anybody else today, but we will have even more tomorrow.

So the leadership gap just keeps on growing.

And the customer benefit is clear to see. Because AssetMonitor® knows more, we learn more, so cables are better protected with AssetMonitor® than anybody else.

UltramapGlobal Software Services continues to improve AssetMonitor® of course. That’ll never stop.

But it was a nice feeling to pause and reflect at the end of 2021 as we prepare for a really interesting 2022.

Thank you to the world’s cable owners that have trusted us to help protect their cables so far.

As we remain focussed on our UltramapGlobal mission of reducing the world’s cable strikes – to zero – we hope to offer our unique, world class support to many more in the future.

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