Eddy’s Journey. How Balancing Monitoring with Report Writing has Helped UltramapGlobal’s AssetMonitor® Software Become World Number One. PART TWO.

This article is in two parts. Here’s Part Two. Click here to read part one.

To better understand how UltramapGlobal works, we chatted to UltramapGlobal’s Eddy.

Because Eddy has spent 5 years Monitoring for UltramapGlobal and has been exclusively Report Writing for a full year after that. Eddy is expert at both.

Here’s part two of a two part article.

Situational Awareness.

“Situational awareness is important. The fine detail. We know precisely which kind of vessels are likely to cause most threats, for example. By type and in which areas.

“Vessel anchoring, Dredging activities and Fishing activities, they can all potentially cause problems.

“And natural phenomena are a part of our monitoring and reporting too, of course. Weather patterns and predictions, for example. We monitor everything we can.

“New trends become apparent when analysing the data for Report Writing. Seasonal, behavioural, all sorts of things that only human intervention could pick up.

As I say, that’s why Report Writing is becoming an increasingly important and sophisticated part of the UltramapGlobal business.”

The Specifics.

Because of the Report Writing part of our work, we have learned, for example that our monitoring service has to keep evolving. Things we learn and highlight in our reports get translated into live monitoring rule changes so our team remains current and totally aware of what’s happening now. This all means better protection for our customers,

Our customers use the content of our reports in different ways. Some collate the statistical content and use it to interact with their customers. Others actively engage in communicating with vessels we identify in our ‘top 10’ lists.

These are just a few examples. Our feedback tells us that the reports we create are valuable and important and are live working documents.


“Report Writing can help with disputes. This sounds like a negative part of our work here at UltramapGlobal. But really, it isn’t. It’s positive.

The balance of AssetMonitor® and manual Report Writing almost always sees the truth of any given event. Or we can get to the truth. So ambiguity is removed.

‘He said-she said’ becomes irrelevant. Conflicting ideas or narratives become irrelevant. Because we see what happened.”

Eddy’s Journey.

We asked Eddy about his personal journey. We were interested in, for example, whether years in the UltramapGlobal Monitoring team has helped Eddy to be a better Report Writer.

“I served my time as part of the Monitoring Team and it has definitely made me a more effective Report Writer.

I’ve overseen, either directly or indirectly via AssetMonitor®, literally billions of vessel movements. That gives you unique insights. Instincts, I suppose. Intuition around how to best protect customer assets, even when situations are brand new. You just know what might happen and what to do to avoid it.

After all, UltramapGlobal is not in the business of mopping up or unpacking what has happened in a cable strike. We can help post mortem and better understand non-customer cable strikes of course. But that’s not our core business.

We’re in the business of protection. We stop cable strikes happening in the first place. It’s what the business was born to do.

Every single UltramapGlobal customer sees a drop in cable strikes. Over half of them – to no cable strikes at all. Zero. That’s perfect for us. And for the customer. It’s what we always aim for.”

Eddy Connelly is one of UltramapGlobal’s most experienced Report Writers. We’d like to thank Eddy for reflecting on his work, helping all of us, inside and outside the business, to understand and more fully appreciate how the UltramapGlobal global business actually works.

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