Fishing and Subsea Cables Information Exchange Workshop.

Last month UltramapGlobal Assistant Operations Director Sam Teasdale spent 2 days in York at an ESCA (European Subsea Cables Association) meeting with various representatives for fishermen (Fishing Producers Organisation) and members of ESCA for the Fishing and Subsea Cables Information Exchange workshop.

Organised by DEFRA, and sponsored by The Crown Estate, this workshop was hosted at the National Centre for Early Music in York.

It was a meeting of two groups – the Fishermen and ESCA – an opportunity for both groups to talk and figure out how the two parties could communicate better. And as one of the organisations who talk regularly to fisherman in the day-to-day of our Subsea Cable Monitoring work, UltramapGlobal attended. So we could give our perspective on it.

Learning, liaison, building and bolstering relationships results in more contact and connection with fishermen. Everybody wins if they talk to each other. The fishermen and their equipment are protected and kept safe, and the cable owners assets are protected from anchor damage.

The first days discussion was focussed around subsea cable installation, cable lifecycle, fishing gear and fishing practices. The second day was spent working out potential guidelines. There’ll be a follow up session (or sessions) to publish what each party discovered about each other.

We’ll most likely get an update of the outcome of this meeting at next ESCA Plenary in Southampton, in a few days time when Sam and our Head of Business Development Jeff are there.

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