Global Services

Most UltramapGlobal clients access a balanced range of coherent offerings.

Specialist Marine Software Development.

Our specialist software development brand, responsible for the creation and ongoing improvement of the worlds most used specialist subsea monitoring software, AssetMonitor®.

The World’s Most Used Specialist Cable Monitoring Software.

No other specialist subsea cable monitoring software has ever gathered – and continues to gather – a higher volume of marine data, more quickly, and over a longer period than AssetMonitor®.

In-house Global Monitoring Teams at Strategic Locations Around the World.

UltramapGlobal monitoring teams monitor alerts in real time, taking preventative action on your behalf. We protect cables 24 hours a day, 365 days each year.

A Unique Resource Containing Some of the Most Comprehensive Marine Vessel Behaviour and Analysis Data in the World.

Nobody has been gathering such data for as long, in such volume and as quickly as UltramapGlobal.

The NEW (March 2022) Emergency Service for Specialist Subsea Cable Protection.

The Emergency Service for specialist subsea cable protection for the world’s global marine sector.

Select Partnerships with World Class Providers of Monitoring Hardware, Guard Vessels, Marine Liaison and more.

As well as our own core services we partner with world class providers of Monitoring Hardware, Guard Vessels and Marine Liaison.


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