Our Flagship Marine Asset Monitoring and Protection Software Product.

AssetMonitor is one of the world’s longest established and most used Marine Asset Monitoring and Protection Software Products.

Three Reasons

AssetMonitor collects and stores AIS (Automatic Identification System) Data. AssetMonitor does this and remains ‘always on’ for three main reasons:

01. Protected. To protect your assets in real time.

02. Prepared. So you and we can replay and analyse vessel movement around your assets. This helps identify, litigate for and influence emerging patterns of behaviour. Encouraging the good. Discouraging the bad.

03. Prewarned. By making decades of permissioned, stored data available to our industry via UltraMAP Data Services, UltraMAP remains at the hub of the global drive to more thoroughly research, understand and protect marine assets.

AssetMonitor and You

We assess your need together, develop a unique package of protection for subsea, deep water or shallow, high or low vessel activity and activity type.

There’s a ‘sweet spot’ for how much protection to prescribe. Enough to protect, no more than you need to save money.

Thinking Further

If you can imagine it – we can probably do it with AssetMonitor.

AssetMonitor is highly flexible and highly configurable and has already been used in a wide range of diverse maritime situations. Can it be applied to yours?

Video, Demos and Library

Video: Global Service: AssetMonitor. 
Demos: Visit our Video and Demo Centre.
Library: Search AssetMonitor in our Library for a Deeper Dive.



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