UltraMAP Monitoring Services

UltraMAP Monitoring Services

Manned Monitoring & Hardware. Guard Vessels & Marine Liaison.

The UltraMAP software AssetMonitor is one of the world’s longest established and most used Marine Asset Monitoring and Protection Software Products.

UltraMAP Monitoring Services is an on-top/wraparound service for AssetMonitor that can include:

• Manned Monitoring
• Monitoring Hardware
• Guard Vessels
• Marine Liaison

So UltraMAP Monitoring Services deliver broad monitoring services on your behalf.

You can still login to AssetMonitor of course, but you have the additional peace of mind that UltraMAP Monitoring Services is monitoring alerts and taking preventative action on your behalf – 24/7/365.

Activity Reports

We create regular reports that chronicle every single event that the UltraMAP Monitoring Services team responded to, plus any subsequent responses from vessels and/or organisations.

Thinking Further

If you can imagine it – we can probably do it. Combining AssetMonitor with UltraMAP Monitoring Services facilitates unique approaches – both spontaneous and planned.

For example, if any situation became urgent you (or indeed anybody that wanted to commission UltraMAP) could use AssetMonitor live to view specific vessels or assets – right now. We use AssetMonitor’s ‘asset filtering’ functionality so we only see assets of interest, whilst at the same time capture everything that’s happening.

And because we can also make AssetMonitor interact with third party Monitoring Hardware, your subsea assets can be made visible within on-board vessel display, providing an additional level of protection for you. We can also send messages directly from AssetMonitor to the vessel’s on-board AIS (Automatic Identification System) kit.

Video, Demos and Library

Video: Global Service: Monitoring Services.
Demos: Visit our Video and Demo Centre.
Library: Search AssetMonitor in our Library for a Deeper Dive.



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