UltramapGlobal Monitoring Services

In-house Global Monitoring Teams at Strategic Locations Around the World.

UltramapGlobal Monitoring Services.

UltramapGlobal Monitoring Services is our in-house monitoring teams, based at strategic locations around the world.

UltramapGlobal monitoring teams monitor alerts in real time, taking preventative action on your behalf. We protect cables 24 hours a day, 365 days each year.

UltramapGlobal Monitoring Services can create regular Activity Reports that chronicle every single event that the UltramapGlobal Monitoring Services team responded to, plus any subsequent responses from vessels and/or organisations. It is from these Activity Reports that we learn as-we-go, an education that enables us to protect cables increasingly well, as we move towards our vision of reducing the world’s cable strikes – to zero.

At a client level, we replay and analyse vessel movement around every client’s cables. This helps identify, litigate for and influence emerging patterns of behaviour. We encourage the good behaviour. And we discourage the bad.

At a global level, by making decades of permissioned, stored data available to our industry via our UltramapGlobal Monitoring Services, UltramapGlobal remains at the hub of the global drive to more thoroughly research, understand and protect the world’s most important subsea cables.

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