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Specialist Marine Software Development.

UltramapGlobal Software Services.

UltramapGlobal Software Services is our specialist software development brand, responsible for the creation and ongoing improvement of the worlds most used specialist subsea monitoring software, AssetMonitor®.

AssetMonitor® is not only the world’s most used Specialist Subsea Cable Monitoring Software, it is also the most informed. This is because nobody has ever gathered – and continues to gather – as much global data as quickly, and over a longer period, than UltramapGlobal’s AssetMonitor® software. 

UltramapGlobal Software Services can integrate AssetMonitor® with world class specialist in-situ hardware monitoring devices that can accept and map data from GPS monitors, to accept and react to in-situ monitoring devices and to be positioned on board project, guard and patrol vessels.

UltramapGlobal Software Services is headquartered in the North of England.

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