Growth of subsea cabling

Here To Stay.

Here at UltraMAP we’re all about certainty.

We monitor and protect subsea cables, looking to prevent any service suspension that might result from preventable cable strikes.

Phone conversations keep flowing.

Poorly patients receive uninterrupted care.

TV programmes continue to stream.

Subsea cables are important. They’re here to stay. And they’ve been around for longer than you’d think.

The Growth of Subsea Cabling.

Surprisingly, by the year 1900 there were already 200,000 kilometres of cables on the sea floor.

By the end of 2017 there were 1.1 million kilometres of cables wrapped around the circumference of the earth, at the bottom of the sea.

Each year, we’re likely to see a further 10-20% growth.

So in a world with driver-free cars, biofuels cost-competing with fossil fuels and microchips in our brains controlling devices – physical infrastructure will still be needed.

And when is it predicted that these futuristic sounding car, biofuel and microchip advancements will actually happen?



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