One little number

Insights: One (Very) Little Number.

Renewables is the fastest growing, fastest evolving category within which UltramapGlobal provide help right now. And we’re learning quickly.


We’re learning quickly because the category itself is learning quickly. I guess that’s the way it is with emerging markets. Evolving markets. New technology. New opportunity. There’s a lot to absorb.

And yet – ironically – the reason UltramapGlobal is part of the conversation with so many cable owners, cable installers and others in the business of laying and protecting subsea export and array cables, is something that has never changed.

It’s the reason we arrived in the Renewables category in 2014. It’s the reason projects in the Renewables sector double year-on-year for UltramapGlobal. It’s because of One (Very) Little Number.

One (Very) Little Number.

Planning, installing and maintaining a single cable might cost a million pounds. Clusters of cables and complex cable systems might cost tens or even hundreds of millions of pounds.

For any one export cable, we detect (on average) ten to twenty high level events (vessel alerts), any number of which could escalate to serious events – every single day.


As we and our customers know, the cost of rectifying a single cable strike will be hundreds of thousands of pounds or more. And it’s also very wasteful – and seriously un-green. Because there’s downtime where no power at all transfers from windfarm to grid.

And all of this brings us to our One (Very) Little Number.


Basically, if a cable costs one million pounds, the cost of protection from UltramapGlobal could be as low as 0.001% of that number (that’s one thousandth of one percent), per month. So that’s maybe just into four figures.

And that cost covers both the software, the worlds most used subsea cable monitoring software AssetMonitor® and ‘eyeball cover’ – together – from one of UltramapGlobal’s monitoring teams around the world.


The Renewables category is relatively new. But a common sense and cost-sensible approach to assurance is not. The conversations we are having with clients do feel very familiar.

Assurance Beats Insurance.

The cost of assurance – avoiding the mess – beats the cost of insurance – fixing the mess – every time.

If you would like to join the conversation as well, please call Martin on +44(0)191 233 6351, email or complete this form. It’d be great to get to know you.

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