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AssetMonitor subsea cable monitoring software

AssetMonitor®. A Circular Success Story.

More people use AssetMonitor Subsea Cable Monitoring Software than any other software. Here’s why…


AssetMonitor®: Getting Ahead. And Staying Ahead.

It was nice to pause, towards the end of 2021, and to think about just how far we’ve …

Subsea cables map

How Strange It Is. When The ‘Something’ You Want To Happen Most… Is ‘Nothing’.

Helping ships to avoid anchoring, fishing and working over subsea cables that they already know are there, because …

The Brazilian Coastguard.

In January 2021 the UltraMAP 24/7 monitoring team in Asia was alerted to fishing activity over one of …

Time and time again

Time and Time again.

Monitoring the world’s ocean floor sounds quite straight forwards as a concept. However, as I am sure you can imagine, it is rather more tricky in its execution.

Our Obsession.

Ever since UltraMAP developed AssetMonitor in 2008 we’ve been obsessed with getting the worlds cable strikes down to zero.


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