Mini Case Study: MECMA.



The Challenge.

MECMA (Mediterranean Cable Maintenance Agreement) is a consortium of over 40 cable owners that manages the maintenance of 37,000 km’s of submarine cables. They stretch from Gibraltar to east of the Mediterranean sea, including the Black Sea and Red Sea down to Djibouti. The consortium wanted to address the threat to a number of their cables in the Sicily Strait.

The Solution.

AssetMonitor® has protected the interests of the MECMA consortium in the Sicily Straits and Southern Mediterranean since 2014. Telecom Italia Sparkle, GO Malta, Vodafone Malta and owners responsible for the IMEWE, SEA-ME-WE3 and SEA-ME-WE5 cables are all involved in the complex monitoring process.

Customer Success.

“Protecting cables in the Straits of Sicily since 2014.”




2014 – present.

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