More ‘Dots’ for UltramapGlobal.

Back in 2008, Ultramap launched.

Like most new businesses, we were small, hard working and hopeful. A handful of people and a new piece of software – AssetMonitor®.

15 years later, in 2023, and Ultramap is no more.

Because in 2022, Ultramap became UltramapGlobal. A handful of people are now approaching 50 people. We protect some of the world’s most important and valuable assets in almost every ocean of the world. And our AssetMonitor® software has become The World’s Most Used Specialist Subsea Cable Monitoring Software.

More ‘Dots’ for UltramapGlobal.

On the homepage of the UltramapGlobal website, there’s a world map.

The map shows, with little flashing orange dots, how our ‘Always On’ organisation is – right now – actively monitoring subsea cables worth billions of pounds in almost every ocean of the world.

And just this month, nine new orange dots were added. One dot for each of nine new UltramapGlobal client areas. The new dots are on the USA East Coast, Central America, Scottish East Coast, Northern France, Albania, Italy, Iceland, Denmark and Irish West Coast.

And so you’ll see, if you pop to the homepage of, we’re not just trying to reduce the cable strikes to zero. We’re doing our very best to turn the world orange, too!

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