Our Fourth Team Member.

We talk a lot about the importance of team and togetherness…

UltraMAP as software developer.

Our 24/7/365 team for always-on monitoring.

AssetMonitor, our globally market-leading monitoring software product.

But there’s a fourth team member too, of course.

The customer.

Welcoming a new customer from an alternative supplier is always interesting.

They will have had both good and bad experiences.

And we are always determined to continue 100% of the examples of good practice – and to flush out 100% of the customer’s past problems. These being the problems that, almost always, led the new customer to our door in the first place.

So feedback from brand new customers, like this here, is always welcome:

“Thanks for sharing the first month detailed report.

We appreciate the proper monitoring of our subsea network and expect the same vigilant approach during the whole year.”

A call to arms – but a welcome one.

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