Our Obsession.

Ever since UltraMAP developed AssetMonitor in 2008 we’ve been obsessed with getting the worlds cable strikes down to zero.

In the early days our obsession began with BT. Who came to us to prevent their subsea cables from being compromised. We obsessed about how to prevent strikes to their valuable cables and assets.

This resulted in us not only developing AssetMonitor further to meet the needs of BT and our then other customers, but we began to actively analyse vessel activity in the oceans of our customers cables and assets so we knew exactly the nature of the risk and how best to protect from the threat.

Fast forward to 2020 and our obsession hasn’t wavered.

With the subsea cables market expected to grow to 41%* by 2023 it’s vital that cable strikes are reduced to zero. And they are with AssetMonitor.

We’re obsessed now, more than ever.

Source: *Globnewswire

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