As a general rule, when we consider purchasing ‘this car’ or ‘that car’, we are thinking about two things…

We think about what the car looks like. And how it handles. And we also think about what’s under the bonnet. The cleverness and the craft. What makes it work how it works.

Recently, the UltraMAP team explored these two ways of thinking at a Subsea Networks event. But instead of cars, we considered UltraMAP’s market-leading AssetMonitor software solution.

Look and Feel.

We talked about the look and feel of AssetMonitor. Because there are a few peripheral (add-on) technologies out there right now that may enhance its appearance.

We were focusing on nuances relating to usability, to see if the overall user experience can be enhanced.


As we talked, the UltraMAP team reminded each other of the current strengths of AssetMonitor. And we started to think about how we should prioritise.

Not unsurprisingly, we concluded that usability is important of course. But the software has to work – first and always. It has to protect.


AssetMonitor is a 24/7 web based tool that monitors vessel movements around our customer’s assets in real time. It generates alerts when our customers assets are threatened. It does this quickly and reliably every second of every day.

Our customers want us to keep doing this well and it’s why they stay with us. Because they believe we can.

To date, we have enhanced AssetMonitor in many ways. But we never lose sight of what we need to do well.

Under the Bonnet.

It’s what we have ‘under the bonnet’ that makes AssetMonitor special. We reminded each other of the following:

• AssetMonitor handles AIS messages from vessels operating around customer assets in the waters surrounding every continent.
• AssetMonitor collects and processes approximately 74 million AIS messages every 24 hours.
• AssetMonitor converts these messages for graphical display on a global mapping platform.
• AssetMonitor stores all of the information it collects in our tier-3 data centre.

We and AssetMonitor have been doing all of the above for nearly 10 years.


So, we will look to progress. We do want the interface to get better, for our own team and for our customers. But never at the expense of protection.

Best of both is in our sights. We will keep you posted.

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