Fishing vessels can damage subsea cables

Removing Uncertainty and Conjecture.

UltramapGlobal has been around since 2008.

Nobody has more archived data than UltramapGlobal. Because nobody has been collecting data relating to the protection of subsea cables as long as UltramapGlobal. 

Better informed means better protected of course. However, increasingly, the ‘better informed’ part of the UltramapGlobal offering is very often of great stand-alone interest too.

‘Better informed’ leads to the removal of uncertainty and conjecture around actual events. So, instead of speculating around what we may think has happened, UltramapGlobal can take a look at what actually is happening.

Here’s a great example.

Better Conversations.

Many times, in business, the best and most useful conversations are focussed on facts, as opposed to simply opinions.

One of UltramapGlobal’s clients, operates the world’s largest offshore high-capacity communications network.

Recently, they found themselves in some interesting and quite challenging conversations with large groups of Dutch fishermen.

The argument went as follows.

Getting to the Facts.

The Dutch fishermen were suggesting that cable strike incidents, in many cases they were directly involved, were inevitable.

Because, the fishermen argued, such large volumes of cables were making it nigh on impossible to fish anywhere at all without cables getting in the way. Thus threatening not only the integrity of cables but the livelihoods of the fishermen themselves.

UltramapGlobal were asked to intervene and investigate.

Interesting – But Serious Too.

This is an interesting story, but a serious one too. Because actual cable strikes were happening, and nobody thought that they were in the wrong.

UltramapGlobal is helping with the issue.

UltramapGlobal was, quite quickly, able to report that for the geography in question, actual cable, pipeline and windfarm coverage, even with a 200m buffer, represented no more than just 7% of the area. And as a consequence, with a little care and consideration from the Dutch fisherman, there was no reason at all that any cable strikes should have to happen.

Because 93% of the seabed was clear.

UltramapGlobal DATA is now a stand-alone brand for UltramapGlobal as more people want to gather information about infrastructure, historic vessel traffic and trends.

Anybody interested can contact Jeff Taylor, Head of Business Development at UltramapGlobal.

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