Supporting Uninterrupted Global Connectivity.

How We Help. 

It’s not unusual for Telecoms clients to access a range of support from UltraMAP Software, AssetMonitor, UltraMAP Monitoring Services, UltraMAP Data Services and the UltraMAP Global Ecosystem.


We prevent damage to subsea telecommunication cables ensuring continuity of connectivity, data transfer and communications.

UltraMAP protects the asset. And more importantly we are safeguarding the lives of those working in some of the world’s most volatile environments.

The Specifics.

UltraMAP is an Always On solution.

And we achieve our results by implementing some or all of the following around both subsea assets for the Telecoms sector:

• Defining the exclusion zone
• Setting rules
• Monitoring vessel traffic. AssetMonitor can include AIS (Automatic Information Service) data from:
– UltraMAP’s network of AIS receivers
– Existing networks of shore-based receivers
– Existing constellations of AIS satellites
– Receivers on board Guard Vessels and Patrol Vessels
– Receivers that UltraMAP can provide, in most cases free of charge to install on asset landing stations
• Checking compliance
• Physically policing
• Enforcement

We may advise layered defence. For example, a 1000 metre ‘early warning’ perimeter and a 500 metre ‘action required’ perimeter.

And we know the importance of great quality, end-to-end project management. We look after individual companies or consortiums with equal focus and efficiency and.

Assurance – Not Insurance.

Such a tailored approach not only plays to UltraMAP’s ‘assurance not insurance’ credentials, it almost always results in a significant reduction to your insurance provider’s actual insurance premiums.

Additional Reading.

You will find Mini Case Studies for the Telecoms sector in the Journal at this website. There may also be Deep Dive documents in our Library and Deeper Case Studies here.



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