The 2024 Niche Within the Niche.

We’re lucky.

Not just because the UltramapGlobal team has developed the world’s most used niche subsea cables and associated assets protection software – AssetMonitor®. And not just because we are protecting the world’s most important subsea assets.

We’re lucky because of when we happen to be doing this. We’re lucky to be the world’s number one – right now.

Here’s why.

Unprecedented Acceleration.

The accelerating volume of the world’s biggest businesses and brands looking to populate the ocean floor, sensibly and sensitively, with cables and pipelines, has never been greater.

These businesses are from sectors including Telecoms, Power, Renewables and Oil and Gas. By doing what they’re doing, they’re connecting and powering the world we live in.

It follows therefore that, at a fundamental level, there is fast increasing demand for Cable Manufacturers and Cable Installers.

And it is this precise scenario that has resulted in a 2024 Niche within a Niche for the UltramapGlobal team.

The Queue Around the World.

Almost every brand in the world that wants to populate the ocean floor, sensibly and sensitively, with cables and pipelines, is in a queue of one sort or another.

This is because the world’s Subsea Equipment and cable manufacturers can’t make equipment quickly enough.

And it’s because for the Equipment that is made, the world’s Installation Congtractors and Owners can’t install them quickly enough and may have to leave them on the seabed until they can be installed in a timely fashion.

This has resulted in numerous highly valuable cables or assets being ‘wet dumped’ or surface laid instead of being installed in their safer, permanent home beneath the sea bed.

And this is the important niche that has caught the attention of the UltramapGlobal team as we approach 2024. Because we’re primed to help out and protect these cables and assets while they are in their most vulnerable state.

It is worth noting that these cables and assets are not only valuable because of their pounds-and-pence cost. They are valuable because they are connecting and powering our world.

Protecting the World’s Most Important Subsea Cables – at Their Most Vulnerable Time.

UltramapGlobal’s ‘World’s Most Used’ software – AssetMonitor® – contains more data relating to vessel movements than anybody else. We monitor over 100 million vessel movements every single day. It’s been that way for 13 years.

And because ‘Better Informed Means Better Protected’, nobody is better positioned to protect the world’s most important subsea cables – at this their most vulnerable time – than UltramapGlobal.

We’ll talk more about this emerging need, and how UltramapGlobal is uniquely positioned to help out, in the coming months.

However, if you want to come to us to chat more at any time, please email or call 0192 234 5678 anytime.

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