The Brazilian Coastguard.

In January 2021 the UltraMAP 24/7 monitoring team in Asia was alerted to fishing activity over one of our customers subsea telecommunications cables off Brazil’s Atlantic Coast.

As we have a good relationship with the Brazilian Coastguard, our monitoring team were able to contact them and have them intercept the vessel on our behalf.

Using AssetMonitor, our flagship monitor software, we prevent cable damage by alerting ships officers and shipping companies in the vicinity of our customers subsea cables of the existence of the subsea asset.

Using Inmarsat-c technology, email, SAT phone calls and various other means of communication, Vessel Captains, Owners, Operators and Insurers are alerted by UltraMAP.

So on this occasion, it was one of our contacts at the Brazilian Coastguard who helped intercept the vessel on our behalf.

Meaning potential damage to our customers subsea telecoms cable was prevented.

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