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The Diary of an UltramapGlobal Report Writer – Chapter 1. January 2024. Meet Eddy.

Throughout 2024, Eddy Connelly will let us know how things are in his world. Eddy is an UltramapGlobal Report Writer. Part of the global team set on reducing the world’s cable strikes – to zero.

Eddy and his colleagues measure and report on over 100 million vessel movements around the world. Every. Single. Day. Using, amongst other things, the world’s most used subsea cable protection software – AssetMonitor®.

This first story in the series, written in January 2024, introduces Eddy and his work for the first time.

Eddy, tell us about your Report Writer Role at UltramapGlobal.

There are three Report Writers at UltramapGlobal. Carl, Dave and myself. Reports are mostly monthly and between 20 and 200 pages long. Reports are customer-specific. And very often geography-specific too.

Why do you write them? What do they do? What are the Reports actually for?

Customers wants to know what happened in and around cables and assets they own, month-on-month. Fishing. Anchoring. Dredging. Slow moving vessels such as cargo tankers passing close by.

Customers know we’re protecting their assets ‘live’ as it were. Using AssetMonitor® software and by human interaction from our global monitoring teams.

But we and they want to benefit from the hindsight. The reports I write can detect patterns. They isolate events… threats and near misses for analysis. So we can be ever more prepared.

Tell us more about the events UltramapGlobal see, react to and Report on.

Clients wants to see the actual preventative measures we took to protect their asset. It’s impressive stuff! Over 100 million vessel movements are tracked every day. AssetMonitor® filters out the non-threatening events. The monitoring teams deal with the rest. And the data on everything is kept – for good. A forever record. It’s these things, and more, that I report on.

Our interventions, the ways we react to threats include emails to vessel operators, messages to the vessels themselves and calls to coastguards. It all depends on the urgency.

I report on all of this. As I say, it’s one of the ways we learn. But – of course – it also gives customers the peace of mind that they really are protected. They see what we actually did.

So you’re thorough? The protection and the Reporting?

Very! We don’t want any cable strikes at all. Not one. Every single UltramapGlobal customer, ever, sees an immediate drop in cable strikes. And over 50% of UltramapGlobal clients have zero strikes. None at all. We have to be thorough to keep and improve this record.

In fact, every report is double checked before it goes to the customer. To make sure that the data matches actual activity exactly. It’s important information that informs many decisions, including if we have to refocus, add focus and/or increase protection in some way. We’re continually improving of the quality and quantity of the data, the reporting and therefore the protection.

Also, protection gets better not just for the one customer we’re looking at. But for all customers. When the quality of one report increases, they all do.

Tell us a bit more about you, Eddy.

I’m 30. I live near UltramapGlobal HQ in the North of England. I’ve been a Report Writer for 1 year, and I was a Monitoring Analyst for 7 years before that. I’ve monitored vessel activity in almost every ocean of the world. We worked out recently that in the time I’ve been at UltramapGlobal, 8 years, we’ve monitored, and still have stored, records of a quarter of a billion vessel movements.

I like helping people. I like protecting that which is most important – to them, and their customers. I see the world, too in this role. I’m learning about new places all the time, as new clients come on board.

And what are you working on right now?

I’m setting up two new reports for two new clients in January 2024. One is in West Africa. One is UK to Denmark.

I’m preparing the report structure to the unique client requirements. Building in the best of what we have learned working with other clients.

It’s the start of my first full calendar year in the role. I’m settling in. There will definitely be more clients this year than last year. Our new West African client it’s likely to need the biggest report I’ve ever worked on. The customer has asked for a lot of detail, plus the footprint covered is bigger than any other client.

And as it’s the first time I’ll be overseeing the reporting on West Africa, I’m looking forward to learning about the new geography.

I have about a dozen other reports to think about each month too. 2024 will be great. And busy!

Look out for:

The Diary of an UltramapGlobal Report Writer – Chapter 2. February 2024.

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