The Diary of an UltramapGlobal Report Writer – Chapter 2. February 2024. A First!

Throughout 2024, Eddy Connelly will let us know how things are in his world. Eddy is an UltramapGlobal Report Writer. Part of the global team set on reducing the world’s cable strikes – to zero.

Eddy and his colleagues measure and report on over 100 million vessel movements around the world. Every. Single. Day. Using, amongst other things, the world’s most used subsea cable protection software – AssetMonitor®.

This SECOND story in the series, chronicling February 2024, continues Eddy’s UltramapGlobal story from the front line.

So Eddy, how were things at UltramapGlobal in February 2024?

Something happened this month that I’ve never seen before. And when I asked across the Global Monitoring Team, they’d never seen it happen before either. Ever.

On the 23rd of February, a client reported a strike to a power cable. First of all, any cable strike at all is really unusual on an UltramapGlobal protected asset. UltramapGlobal, as you know, is in the business of stopping cable strikes from happening. 100% of clients see a drop in cable strikes once we start working with them. Over 50% have no cable strikes at all. So strikes are always surprising.

But for the client to know about a cable strike, and for us not to know, that’s never happened before.

The UltramapGlobal Monitoring Team reacted quickly. They completed a detailed Incident Report, including the exact time of the problem being recognised, and the coordinates. And that’s when we realised something unusual had happened.

UltramapGlobal record over 100 million vessel movements. Every. Single. Day. And there was no vessel at all in the area communicated by the client, at the time they suggested. There was no cable strike. The client just assumed there was because of an outage.

Our first phantom cable strike? Yes. It was. Basically, it was a power outage for some other reason. And because we could confirm quickly that there was no cable strike, our client could turn their attention to solving the real problem – fast.

It all worked out well in the end. Sometimes we’re providing not just protection – but information too.

Unusual! Anything else for February 2024?

I wrote my most boring Monitoring Report ever. Which is interesting!

What do you mean?

Well, whenever I write a Monitoring Report, there are between dozens and sometimes thousands of events tracked, recorded and – where relevant – responded to. So our client asset is protected.

However, in February 2024, for one of the windfarms we monitor, there was no activity for one full month – at all! Nothing. Not one event.

The reason was the calm weather and because we did a great job of keeping vessels out of the exclusion zone. So; no charts to create. No graphs. No nothing. And this is no small zone. The export cable we protect is over 40 kilometres long.

Again, it was just unusual. Good news though, being super-prepared and aware means no threat. And no threats means no cable strikes. Perfect!

Anything else interesting, or interestingly boring, in February?

I like exploring new geographies, and I have my first client off the coast of Southern Ireland this month.

UltramapGlobal has been appointed to protect a cable for EirGrid. This subsea cable spans Dublin to Wales. It’s called the East West Interconnector (EWIC). A Power Cable.

I’m looking forward to finding out all about this new terrain.

And what about you Eddy? How have you been personally in February?

I worked from home a little instead of at our HQ in the North of England for a few days. My home office setup is great, so no service interruptions. It’s always nice to be back with the team in the office though. I’ll be at UltramapGlobal HQ more during March. Chat soon.

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