The Story Behind UltramapGlobal RED.

For years, UltramapGlobal has been known for steadfastness, patient approaches – and surety.

All of these things are really important to owners of the worlds most significant subsea cables.

But what about when, no matter how well prepared we all are, ‘important’ becomes ‘urgent’?

When ‘Important’ Becomes ‘Urgent’.

As UltramapGlobal has become increasingly well known for cable protection, cable owners and other subsea and surface asset owners call us. They ask us for advice. Some are customers already. Some become customers. Others might simply want a listening ear and, occasionally, a helping hand too.

Cable owners, quite rightly, get spooked by near misses – and that’s when we come to mind. UltramapGlobal RED is in response to an increasing volume of such calls.

We describe UltramapGlobal RED as The Emergency Service for Specialist Subsea Cable Protection. It’s to let the world know that if there’s a worry, we’re there for you.

UltramapGlobal RED can help with:

Insights and Preparation. Exploring marine traffic movement and other potential threats preemptively, for your exact cable location.

Near-Miss Remedial Action. Accessing data and support to address rising concerns around actual and/or anticipated near misses for your exact cable location.

Near-Miss Protection. Accessing immediate protection where actual near misses are causing an urgent threat to cables.

The world moves ever faster. And so do we.

When you contact UltramapGlobal RED we’ll work hard to get back to you within 24 hours.

This new service will be available to UltramapGlobal clients AND non UltramapGlobal clients from 1st March 2022 by emailing us at

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