Top 5 Telecoms Trends of 2024.

A quick glance at the industry trends most likely to be discussed at this week’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

Generative AI
Real world Gen AI commercialisation in 2024 may help to solve operators’ two biggest concerns: RoI and tech maturity, according to the GSMA.

By 2030, 5G will account for nearly half of all mobile connections worldwide. 5G has the potential to disrupt nearly every part of the telco industry.

Cloud and edge
Partly driven by the growth in 5G technology, as the growth of 5G will require a huge scale up in cloud native architecture.

Despite the momentum behind eSIMs, many more operators have yet to release an eSIM. While consumer acceleration is expected from 2026 onwards, according to the GSMA, 2024 will be critical for setting that up.

Sustainability and the circular economy
Sustainability and circularity will continue to be a hot topic for all businesses in 2024 and beyond, with telcos embracing sustainability beyond energy efficiency.

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Image by Chaitawat Pawapoowadon from Pixabay.

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