UltraMAP Looks To The Future – Part One.

If you love technological innovation like we do, you’ll love this.

Here at UltraMAP we’ve taken a little time out to list our top 10 favourite technological innovations for 2019. 

Will they happen?

Will they not happen?

Who knows.

Here are our first 5.

The next 5 will follow in a week or two.

Merry Christmas.

1. Want to Exercise Without Sweating?

Researchers at MIT have come up with a solution. They’ve developed a workout suit with flaps that open as the wearer begins perspiring. Go here for more.

2. Slowing the Growth of Cancerous Cells.

Thankfully a new theory is being put into action to decrease the growth of cancer tumours by stopping fat synthesis in cells. Go here for more.

3. VR Makes a Positive Effect on Healthcare.

Imagine yourself as a young doctor. It is time to assist on your first surgery and you have studied the procedure a thousand times; you can recite it in your sleep. You have seen all the videos and studied all the diagrams. Still, upon walking into the surgery room with shaking hands, you wish you could have practiced it just once without hurting anyone. In the next several years, that will become a real possibility. Go here for more.

4. Renewable Railways Technologies to Dramatically Reduce Emissions in Holland.

The first whirlwind project begins to transition the entire Dutch railway system off fossil fuels. Go here for more.

5. X Ray Pills to detect Bowel Cancer.

Check-Cap Ltd., a medical diagnostics company, is developing an ingestible capsule that utilises X-ray technology for colorectal cancer screening without the need for bowel cleansing laxatives or other activity modifications. Using Check-Cap, the patient would simply swallow a pill with a meal and attach a patch to their lower back. Go here for more.

About UltraMAP.

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Phone conversations keep flowing.

Poorly patents receive uninterrupted care.

TV programmes continue to stream.

Merry Christmas!

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