UltraMAP Looks To The Future – Part Two.

Happy New Year! Here is part two of our two-part technological innovation blog.

If you love technological innovation like we do, you’ll love this.

Here at UltraMAP we’ve taken a little time out to list our top 10 favourite technological innovations for 2019. 

Will they happen?

Will they not happen?

Who knows.

Here are our second 5.

Click here to take a look at the first 5 if you missed them.

1. We’re All Going To Live on Mars!

Want to read something scary? In April 2013, Netherlands-based organization Mars One searched for willing applicants who would embark on a dangerous mission: a one-way trip to the Red Planet. With over 200,000 volunteers, it is needless to say they found enough participants for the excursion. Wow. This is a bit premature in our mind… but an interesting read. Go here for more.

2. Police Cars of the Future – Will Fly!

It may surprise you to hear that drones have already made somewhat of a splash in the realm of modern day police work, particularly at the Sherriff’s department in Mesa County, Colorado. Go here for more.

3. We Love Simple Ideas. And This One is Disrupting Building Design Right Now.

Elevators that can travel both up and down and side-to-side are the latest innovation from German company ThyssenKrupp. The new elevator system operates using magnets instead of cables. According to a Bloomberg article, the technology (called magnetic levitation or “maglev” for short) is already being used to propel some high-speed trains. Go here for more.

4. 3D Printing, it Seems, is Here To Stay.

Printing in 3D is not declining. According to a synopsis of the Wohlers Report, an annual in-depth study of the advances in additive manufacturing technologies and applications, there is a possibility that 3D printing could grow into a $5.2 billion industry by 2020. Go here for more.

5. Back To The Future in New York.

In a bold move that will change the way urban centres use existing technological infrastructure, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has issued a call for proposals to convert the city’s approximately 7,300 pay phone kiosks (many of which are damaged or completely inoperable) into free public WiFi stations. Go here for more.

About UltraMAP.

Here at UltraMAP we’re all about certainty. We monitor and protect subsea cables, looking to prevent any service suspension that might result from preventable cable strikes.

Phone conversations keep flowing.

Poorly patients receive uninterrupted care.

TV programmes continue to stream.

Happy New Year!

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