UltramapGlobal 2023 Highlights. Better Informed Means Better Protected.

Most ‘Reviews of The Year’ are self-congratulation. So, here at UltramapGlobal we’re telling current and future customers about meaningful memories only. There are three 2023 highlights that make an actual difference – to you.

Three Things.

The three things we’ve done in 2023 that move us, and you, ever-closer to that which all of us want – protecting the world’s most important subsea assets, so global cable strikes reduce to zero – have been chapterized in three parts. Here is part one:

1) Better Informed Means Better Protected.

So what does the world’s most informed, data-rich subsea monitoring brand do when they want to offer even more and even better protection? Easy… they get access to even more and even better data.

During the 12 years through to 2023, UltramapGlobal gathered, and now stores, many terabytes of global vessel tracking data. The volume of data amounts to terabytes because we’ve been monitoring over 100 million vessel movements… Every. Single. Day.

Despite this hugely significant, historical always-on global monitoring, at the end of 2023 we forged partnerships that makes our global vessel monitoring capability even more prolific. In fact, from the beginning of 2024, UltramapGlobal can now monitor any zone, of any size, of any ocean, in any part of the world, at any time.

UltramapGlobal & Global Vessel Trackers – A Powerful Partnership.

From 2024, the unique blend of UltramapGlobal’s historical database, our ongoing use of our always-on ‘world’s-most-used’ AssetMonitor® software, plus unlimited access to Terrestrial, Satellite and Dynamic AIS data sources means we now have the entire globe covered.

Setting up protection is faster and easier than ever, too – anywhere in the world. And because we are processing more data than ever, we are learning so much more as each day passes. Learning never ends!

Most UltramapGlobal customers get access to the new data with no additional investment. And for those that do have to invest in new insights, price points are really accessible because of the economies of scale. Access to even more data means more customers for us, stable prices for you, and better protection for everyone.

Access to real-time data to tell us what is happening around our current and future customer cables has resulted in a more layered offering that means more surety as well. In summary, over the last few years we’ve been saying, ‘Better Informed Means Better Protected’. But from 2024 maybe UltramapGlobal should be saying this… ‘EVEN Better Informed Means EVEN Better Protected’.

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