UltramapGlobal 2023 Highlights. Security, Speed, Reliability, Sustainability.

Most ‘Reviews of The Year’ are self-congratulation. So, here at UltramapGlobal we’re telling current and future customers about meaningful memories only. There are three 2023 highlights that make an actual difference – to you.

Three Things.

The three things we’ve done in 2023 that move us, and you, ever-closer to that which all of us want – protecting the world’s most important subsea assets, so global cable strikes reduce to zero – have been chapterized in three parts. Below is part two:

2) Security, Speed, Reliability, Sustainability.

Data informs everything we are and do here at UltramapGlobal. So here’s how the infrastructure that looks after data in 2024 just got even better.

Despite rapid growth, here at UltramapGlobal we want the way we look after data to continue to balance Security, Speed, Continuity and Sustainability – perfectly. Here’s how we’ve become even better at all this, via a six-figure investment in 2023:

a) Your Data is Now Even More Secure. Throughout 2023 we transferred all UltramapGlobal services from our legacy secure physical environment – to the cloud. Our new virtual server environment is amongst the most secure hosting environments in the world.

b) We Now React To You Even Faster. The size of the average UltramapGlobal client is bigger than ever before. Up until this year, a sizeable client win caused us to pause a little. It caused us to slow down and explore both how we could accommodate the new client and safeguard the existing client base. Not anymore. Our new virtual server environment is infinitely scalable. We can move faster than ever. Can we accommodate you? Even before we fully understand the scale of your global infrastructure for protection… the answer is ‘yes’.

c) We Now Give You Even More Reliability. Never in our history has UltramapGlobal ever had a problem with uptime and/or discontinuation of service. But that doesn’t mean we can be complacent. Our new virtual server environment and enhanced redundancy support makes us even more confident about our super-high, industry-driving service uptime levels.

d) We’re Now an Even More Sustainable Partner For Your Business. Our new virtual server environment is amongst the world’s most sustainable. This was another key driver behind our significant financial investment in data management and protection in 2023.

If you missed it, click here to read part 1 (Better Informed Means Better Protected).

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