UltramapGlobal Data Services. Our Brand New for 2022 ‘Accidental Offering’.

It was nice to pause, towards the end of 2021, and to think about just how far we’ve

Here at UltramapGlobal, as we took stock of progress in preparation for a really interesting 2022, we unearthed some really interesting things around ‘Data’.

In short, when the wider UltramapGlobal team took a closer look at the sheer amount of data we have, it became apparent that our archives contained some of the most comprehensive marine vessel behaviour and analysis data in the world.

Yet this globally unrivalled specialist data resource of ours was never planned. The core purpose of UltramapGlobal, for over a decade, has been the protection of the world’s most important subsea cables. The data is a wonderful byproduct.

The Power and Importance of Data.

Increasingly, organisations both client and non-client want to access UltramapGlobal’s extensive vessel behaviour and analysis data, as captured by our AssetMonitor® software.

The power and importance of data, especially when the quality is so pure, the focus is so narrow and the volume is so huge – is becoming immediately apparent.

Over a decade of archived data helps us (and you) to pinpoint and understand cable strikes and other hazard hot-spots, trends and common vessel behaviour, busy shipping route patterns, heavily populated fishing areas and more.

Information can be analysed to pre-emptively predict future problems based on volume of ocean traffic or of subsea activity such as trawling.

And so it is that UltramapGlobal Data Services was born. A new logo was created. And a cheeky slogan was added:

“Some Think They Know Global Marine Traffic. Others, They Know They Know.”

You are welcome to put UltramapGlobal Data Services to the test anytime.

Please email Martin on martin@ultramapglobal.com or call +44 (0) 191 233 6351.

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