UltramapGlobal Sector Focus: Power.

At UltramapGlobal we’ve just created a new, downloadable, 3-page information sheet on how we protect subsea power cables. This service brings together two of our flagship products: AssetMonitor® and 24/7 Monitoring services.

Power Cable Protection. A Quick Overview

UltramapGlobal’s first customer was Channel Islands Electricity Grid (“CIEG”) using our services on the interconnectors between the islands and mainland France. So we’ve applied our services to the rigorous requirements of monitoring offshore Power cables since CIEG joined us in 2010.

Regardless of how our customers subscribe to our services, we know that every Power cable protection customer is unique so we tailor our approach for each.

We will monitor the activity of all vessels around agreed protected areas, automatically raising alarms if vessel activity is a potential threat.

How do I find out more?

The UltramapGlobal’s Sector Focus Sheet for ‘Power’ is downloadable, for free, here.

Other Sector Sheets, Service Sheets and Insights Reports are in the UltramapGlobal Library.

Or you can contact our Head of Business Development jeff.taylor@ultramapglobal.com or call Jeff directly on +44(0)7796 888910.

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