We Love Risk.

UltraMAP and AssetMonitor are famous globally as one of the world’s most effective protectors of subsea and surface assets. We’re watching – live – 24/7.

Our dedication to protecting customers is clear. Logically, one might therefore expect our attitude to risk avoidance in business per se to be equal pronounced. Maybe people would assume that, here at UltraMAP, we’d champion the avoidance of risk at all costs.

Well, we don’t. In fact, we are quite the opposite.

We love risk.

Risk. An Important Part of Any Business.

UltraMAP minimise risk in our part of the business, so the business owner can take risks in theirs.

Here are a few pointers on ‘risk’ from the leadership team at UltraMAP. We love commenting on this. After all, we are in the risk business…

1. You Don’t Know Unless You Try. So you’re doing OK. You’re paying the bills and you are happy. That said, how much bigger or better could you actually be? If you are an entrepreneurial thinker, such thoughts will enter your mind. Without risk you will never know how wonderful your company could be. Don’t risk everything of course – but calculated risk can take you towards maximisation.

2. True Innovation is Born From Risk. Risk can result in better ways of doing things. Even if the risk you took showed you how not to do it.

3. Risks Teach. We almost always learn something from taking risks, whether we succeed or whether we fail. Little things and big things.

4. Don’t Ever Take Unnecessary and/or Incalculable Risks. An unnecessary risk is where the consequences of failure can be so dire that they threaten the very existence of the organisation. An incalculable risk is where you have no clue of the worst thing that can happen. An example that spans both of these disaster scenarios? The protection of subsea and surface assets. We know, and we know that you know, the consequences of asset strikes to the asset owner and the people that rely on them can be disastrous. That’s why UltraMAP exists.

So once you have an UltraMAP in your corner to give you peace of mind, plus other category-leading providers avoiding your most disastrous consequences – you can go take the risks that are worth taking.

Go innovate. Go maximise. Go grow.

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