When Most People Talk About The Weather, It’s Boring. Not at UltramapGlobal. In Fact, It Can Be Rather Exciting!

UltramapGlobal is always on. Every second of every day – we’re monitoring. And that’s why we can have, and actively welcome important, real-world requests from our customers – like this one:

“Hi Des. We are bracing ourselves for a very severe storm, which looks likely to be hitting the area with 90mph + winds and 8 metre waves in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Would it be possible to get some enhanced monitoring and make your team aware of the potential for vessels getting into difficulty in these conditions? Currently I do not see any vessels sheltering near our cables, hopefully this will remain to be the case. Please could we ask for extra vigilance for the next 24 hours?”

Brilliant! This happened this month. And, of course, we reacted within minutes and extra cover was in place within the hour.

So, admittedly, comments like – “Brrr… Cold weather we’re having for this time of year, isn’t it?” – are quite boring. Conversations like the one above though – are brilliant! They help us work towards achieving what UltramapGlobal was born to do. To reduce the world’s cable strikes… to zero.

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