Wise Before The Event.

Hindsight is a great thing.

In April 2020 disaster struck when a ships anchor damaged a subsea power cable in the Baltic Sea.

An emergency repair of the cable was undertaken by NKT – in just 29 days. This was super fast considering the industry average to repair a damaged subsea cable is 3 months.

NKT commented…

“Speed was essential when an anchor damaged the Baltic Cable power link interconnecting the national power grids of Sweden and Germany.”

But what if the vessel that caused the damage had been made aware that they were dangerously close to the location of the subsea cable in the first place?

This could have been a different story. Actually there’d be no story at all.

UltraMAP’s Co-Founder and Commercial Director Martin Connelly commented…

“It’s great that repairs on interconnectors are being carried out faster… but why not stop the fault occurring in the first place? This damage was caused by a ship’s anchor and could have been prevented.”

Using our flagship monitoring software AssetMonitor, we’ve been monitoring and protecting subsea and surface assets (including interconnectors like this) globally from vessel activity LIVE, 24 hours a day, since 2009.

Protection can be in place within days.

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