Work Hard. Play Hard.

At the end of 2022, the number of people monitoring cables for UltramapGlobal clients around the globe, is twice as many people as were monitoring cables at the beginning of the year.

UltramapGlobal is growing fast.

Our Monitoring Teams work hard. And as you can see from these images, at Christmas, it seems that our team in the Philippines plays hard, too!

Thank you.

I do want to thank every single member of our Monitoring Teams around the world, publicly.

Keeping an eye on hundreds of thousands of miles of some of the world’s most important subsea cables, protecting them from cable strikes, is hard. Especially as we are monitoring every second of every day of the year. But that’s what we do for our clients.

Thank you.

Martin and Des. Co-Founders.

PS a big thank you to all of our teams around the world and for providing Christmas party cover for each other.

With UltramapGlobal, monitoring never stops!

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